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Azlon Sets Up Product Certification Service

Azlon products

Companies and professional organisations striving to meet today's various quality standards have to undergo numerous stringent audits. As a result, there is an increasing demand for documentation confirming that the products used or sold are what they claim to be, and are in compliance with the requisite regulations.

Aware of the demands of the modern working environment, Bibby Sterilin has set up an extensive database of 'Certificates of Conformation' for all their Azlon reusable plastic product lines, providing an accurate and controlled response to customer requests for assurance of product quality. With speed and efficiency of the essence for many customers in this situation, Azlon can send out certificates immediately- by email, fax or post - documenting all the specifications relating to individual products.

Azlon canvassed their customers to make sure all the information they required was incorporated in the certification which relates to the characteristics of the product range as a whole, and details physical dimensions, material specification, weight and capacity. Compliance of the product to this data is tested in accordance with Azlon's ISO 9001 standards, and raw materials are required to meet FDA approval.

Azlon's high quality, reusable plastics offer excellent value and cover a broad range of applications in the modern laboratory. Over 1200 products are available, including bottles, wash bottles, measuring cylinders, jugs and beakers. The brand is also well known in many key plastic packaging markets, including pharmaceutical and household chemicals.

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Posted on October 18, 2003