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The introduction of Bibby Sterilin's new and improved range of viral and chlamydial swabs is set to make specimen collection and transport easier than ever.

For maximum convenience, the transport tube of this innovative sampling system incorporates a novel polyurethane sponge that now contains a complete liquid transport medium. Users simply collect the sample with the sterile swab provided and insert it into the tube where immediate contact is made with the fluid-bathed sponge. With no glass ampoules to break, no seals or barriers to puncture, and no activation of the medium required, fast and efficient sampling is assured.

The 'ventri' design ensures that the inert and non-toxic sponge reservoir remains anchored firmly in place at the base of the tube. This guarantees excellent specimen maintenance during transport, keeping the sample covered with media at all times. The special design of the swab also prevents the liquid media from leaking out of the tube - a potential hazard for any swab user.

To meet a wide range of applications and uses, the shaft of the swab can be supplied in plastic, aluminium, and twisted wire. As with all Bibby Sterilin's transport swabs, the viral and chlamydial swabs carry the CE mark for Class IIa medical devices.

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Posted on November 8, 2001