AOAC RI Approval for RIDA®COUNT E. coli/Coliform (R1007)

RIDA COUNT E.coli/Coliforms

The RIDA®COUNT E.coli/Coliform (Art.No.R1007) test card has been successfully validated and approved by the AOAC Research Institute (license number: 070901). The performance of this test card has been reviewed by the institute's Performance Tested MethodsSM Program and was found to perform as stated by the manufacturer for meat and meat products.

The RIDA®COUNT test kit range for food pathogens are culture medium sheets presented in a ready to use test card format. The card is multi-layered, built up from a base overlaid by a nutrient layer and topped with a layer of inert polymer to absorb the test liquid. A non-woven fabric layer makes up the final top surface and ensures the structural stability of the test card. Colony counting is made easier by a plastic foil covering that has an integrated counting grid.

The principle of all the different RIDA®COUNT test cards is based on including specific chromogens into modified standard media. The nutrient composition of the RIDA®COUNT E. coli/Coliform test consists of a modified VRB (Violet Red Bile) medium. Non-coliforms are inhibited by the bile salts in the medium. A coliform specific enzyme, is converted by any coliforms present into a blue dye which leads to the formation of blue or blue-green colonies.

Any E. coli colonies present will reduce another E.coli specific chromogen to form a red-violet dye which combines with the blue dye and leads to the development of purple or indigo coloured colonies.

This system enables easy detection and differentiation of E. coli (red-violet colonies) and other coliform bacteria (blue or blue-green colonies) after an incubation time of 24 h at 35±1 °C.

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Posted on February 8, 2010