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Anthos Instant Microplate Solution - a Complete ELISA Package

Biochrom have launched the new Anthos Instant Microplate Solution (AIMS). If you need a new microplate reader, then this package contains ALL the microplate instrumentation to run ELISA and other microplate based applications, in a single package, at a great price. It is ideal for laboratories that handle a large number of absorbance based assays that also need flexibility for future techniques.

It includes:
  • The Zenyth 200 Microplate Reader with cuvette UV/Vis spectrophotometer. A versatile monochromator based instrument that reads 6-384 well plates at any wavelength between 190-1000nm, with temperature control. The built-in spectrophotometer saves bench space, and there are pre-programmed cuvette methods for nucleic acid and protein measurements.

  • The Fluido 2 four channel microplate washer handles up to four different wash buffers, up to 50 different programs and 20 different plate types- including strip plates and round bottom wells. In addition, the AIMS package contains ADAP Prisma PC analysis software and a laser printer free of charge.

  • AIMS includes the 'top of the range' Anthos microplate instrumentation and software.

All Anthos instruments are CE marked and manufactured under a rigorous quality system. Building on Anthos' 25 years experience in microplate instrumentation, AIMS represents new thinking for the next generation providing total flexibility for microplate absorbance applications.

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Posted on September 24, 2009