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Personal Dual Block Thermal Cycler for Under Euros 5k

Gene Technologies Ltd, the UK-based life sciences instrumentation manufacturer have launched the GS-482, the latest thermal cycler in the highly successful G-Storm range. In the current difficult climate, the GS 482 thermal cycler is an ideal solution for scientists looking to maximise their research funds, offering for the first time dual block functionality for under Euros 5000.

The 'dual block' is actually two independent 48-well peltier thermal blocks. Both have sprung heated lids that are able to adapt to 0.2ml tubes and strips, as well as high-profile 48-well plates. This enables the GS482 to run two programmes either independently or simultaneously.

In addition, the GS482 has the ability to run gradient programs on either both or individual thermal blocks as a standard feature. Users simply enter a gradient step into the chosen protocol, and the GS482 generates a gradient over 8 columns per block.

The GS482 uses Windows CE as its operating platform with a 3.5' full colour touch screen to control the onboard, icon driven software. Users have the choice to enter programs manually or utilise the built-in Program Wizard. The Program Wizard function and in-built primer algorithms also remove the requirement to manually calculate the ideal protocol for PCR experiments.

According to Managing Director Simon Nicklin, the GS-482 is a result of direct market feedback: 'Through our large and diverse installed base, we are able to closely monitor trends in thermal cycler usage. We believe the GS482 is the ideal system for labs requiring a solution for low to medium throughput PCR and/or multi-user functionality - and as an added bonus in these difficult times comes in at well under Euros 5000.'

GS-482 along with other G-Storm thermal cyclers available from Gene Technologies worldwide distribution partners.

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Posted on May 27, 2009