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SpectraCell RA™ Rapid Bacterial Strain Analyzer Introduced to UK

SpectraCell Bacterial Strain Analyzer
Over 110 healthcare professionals attended a Public Service MasterClass session entitled 'Supercharging Your Search and Destroy Policy' hosted by River Diagnostics in London on February 5.

The program was chaired by Dr. G Puppels, CEO of River Diagnostics and included presentations by Professor J Verhoef of the University Medical Center in Utrecht and Dr. K Maquelin Senior Manager of Clinical and Scientific Affairs for River Diagnostics.
The audience was introduced to the SpectraCell RA™ bacterial strain analyzer capable of typing clinical isolates from culture in minutes. This simple, rapid and reproducible technology is based on taking a Raman spectral fingerprint of bacteria and has been demonstrated to be equivalent to PFGE in its discriminatory power. Real time typing is considered a key to identifying sources of infection and vectors of transmission within the hospital.

Click here for pdf file giving more information on how the SpectraCell RA works

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Posted on February 10, 2009