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Demonstration Videos Available on New BioLumix Website

BioLumix new website
BioLumix, a leader in simplified, rapid, automated microbiology, has released its' new website (

The new site has been completely redesigned with an easy to navigate fresh look. It contains detailed information about BioLumix products and services, along with short demonstration videos.

On the site you will find:
  • Dynamic videos describing the simple operation of the system

  • Customers' experiences and testimonials

  • Downloadable brochures and scientific white papers

  • Detailed information about the system technology, instrument and ready-to-use disposable vials

  • Your diverse ability to use the system with industry specific applications

  • How the system can help increase your efficiencies and add profits

  • Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Please visit our website to take advantage of our free product trial offer or email us at

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Posted on July 27, 2010