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The Science of Labelling - and the Labelling of Science

Accurate sample identification is an absolute requirement of any scientific investigation or analysis. The Brady Corporation, a world leader in identification solutions, has been supplying comprehensive answers to the challenges of laboratory labelling for many years, and has now formed a specialist team to help scientists with their sample identification problems.

Scientific labelling presents many challenges: hostile environments, extreme temperatures, widely varying surfaces and sample shapes and sizes. Brady has a catalogue of over 100,000 products and more than 90 years’ experience to help solve the most challenging applications. There are special labels for most commonly used laboratory consumables – microscope slides, well plates, vials, "straws", centrifuge tubes, flasks and many others. There are self-laminating labels that will survive freezing (in liquid nitrogen!), autoclaving, and solvents like xylene and ethanol. Brady’s unique Freezerbondz™ labels can be applied directly to frozen surfaces with guarantees on adhesion and long-term legibility. A comprehensive range of label creation software, printers, readers and automation systems complements the label range.

Brady’s labelling systems are developed by scientists with first-hand knowledge of the issues surrounding sample identification in the laboratory, in the corporation’s own research facilities located in the USA and Europe. The Brady Corporation has operations in 24 countries and is represented in over 100.

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Posted on August 8, 2007