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Innovative Air Sampler Conforms to ISO 14698-1

Coriolis air sampler
The innovative Coriolis®µ air sampler has been tested according to ISO 14698-1 recommendations and the results conclude that this new instrument dedicated to airborne biological contamination control performs in a highly efficient manner.

The Coriolis®µ air sampler is based on a cyclonic technology developed by Bertin Technologies (France) relying on a cyclone type operation to concentrate airborne biological particles into a liquid media.
As far as ISO 14698-1 recommends criteria to qualify the physical and biological efficiencies for any clean-room air sampler, Bertin Technologies has worked with the independent agency HPA (Health Protection Agency, Porton Down, UK) in order to study these efficiencies and determine the level of reliability of the Coriolis® µ air sampler.

Tests started in July 2008, have shown the Coriolis®µ air sampler should be capable of collecting over 99% of particles occurring in the clean-room environment or other controlled environment (3.5 to 15µm diameter particles). From 62% of physical efficiency for very small particles of less than 1µm diameter, the efficiency approaches 100% for 3.5µm diameter particles and larger.

ISO 14698-1 also requires 'reasonable time to sample 1m3' and adapted 'impact velocity' to avoid destroying or stressing any of the microorganisms before analysis: the Coriolis® µ can reach 300l/min staying in the right range of impaction velocity and can collect 1m3 in less than 4 minutes!

This high air flow rate also has the advantage of collecting a more representative sample and improves the probability of detecting a large range of micro-organisms (bacteria, molds, pollensÂ…) for both indoor and outdoor environment and for low or highly contaminated areas.

The liquid sample output gives access to cultivatable, viable and non cultivatable flora thanks to its compatibility with a whole range of microbiological analysis including not only growth based systems, but also immuno-assays, PCR, flow cytometry... Beyond impaction limits, the use of Rapid Microbiology Methods thus leads to specific and reliable results in a few hours response time.

If you are interested in getting a complete articles about "How to qualify an air sampler according to ISO 14698" or about the Coriolis® µ applications and results, please contact Bertin Technologies using the contact details at the top of this page.

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Posted on November 12, 2008