Syphon Pump Reduces Autoclave Odours

Syphon Pump

It is recommended that in order to keep your autoclave running in pristine condition and to slow down the build up of bad odours, you should regularly remove the water from the autoclave, clean the vessel and refill with clean water.This can be a time consuming and dirty job that everyone avoids and so doesn’t get done, leading to costly breakdowns.

Although many autoclaves are fitted with drains these can often get clogged up with spilt growth media which, although liquid in the warm autoclave chamber, can set on its way out of the autoclave. Another, higher cost, method is to use an industrial wet/dry vacuum cleaner.

A lower cost solution is now readily available - an easy to use hand operated siphon pump from Priorclave. They are available in two convenient sizes, small for Front Loading autoclaves and large for Top Loaders.

The pumps are reasonably priced so you could easily afford to have one pump for each autoclave in your lab, to avoid any risk of cross-contamination between them.

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Posted on November 18, 2004