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Priorclave Gains Exclusive Agreement with Biocote® for Anti-Bacterial Coating of Autoclaves

Priorclave and BioCote® have teamed up to produce the first range of autoclaves that have the capacity to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the exterior of the product.

BioCote® is a revolutionary anti-bacterial coating, incorporating an active agent that is effective against all potentially lethal strains including MRSA.

Considering the types of environments and the types of materials that the average autoclave is subjected to, the ability of BioCote® to provide exceptional surface hygiene in areas subject to potential contamination gives all Priorclaves a unique advantage over their competitors.

BioCote® hygiene solution operates as a complimentary aid to existing hygienic procedures providing peace of mind and added protection.

With a three year exclusive agreement to use BioCote® across their entire range, Priorclave are set to have a major impact within both the hospital laboratory and food industry research sectors as they will dramatically reduce the risk of passing on infection or contamination.

The agreement with BioCote® is yet another example of Priorclave's commitment to furthering safety and quality in the laboratory autoclave market

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Posted on May 17, 2004