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WellAware Pipetting Aid System Increases Pipetting Speed and Accuracy

The WellAware™ Pipetting Aid, an error free pipetting system, is now available. The software driven system increases the speed, accuracy, and precision of manual pipetting, and it can be used for microplate transpositions, serial dilutions, reformatting microplates, cherry-picking, and almost any other custom protocol that requires pipetting.

WellAware guides the user by lighting source and target reservoirs on an LCD monitor while supplying text-to-speech audio cues. It can accommodate 1 to 16 channel pipetting between microplates, microtubes, or almost any other liquid reservoir. Individual steps are time-stamped to provide traceability, and a scanner can be used to input data from barcoded labels. A footswitch is available for hands-free operation.

"Automated liquid handling typically offers too much capacity and is too expensive for most laboratories," said James Frost, the product's inventor and company’s president. "WellAware makes manual pipetting an effortless process at an affordable price."

WellAware Features are:
Eliminates errors.
Increases accuracy, precision, and speed.
Expedites kit protocol programming.
Facilitates serial dilutions, plate transpositions, plate reformatting, cherry-picking, and just about any other liquid handling process.
Creates consistency between different users performing the same procedure.
Integrates with LIMS systems.

WellAware includes: a computer and monitor, a chemical resistant PET screen cover, a barcode scanner, a footswitch, and software. The user’s manual, demo software, and a demo video can be downloaded on the company’s website.

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Posted on September 26, 2005