New pathozyme elisasure kit elisa equipment accreditation

Omega Diagnostics Ltd have launched the Pathozyme ElisaSure kit. A new universal kit targeted for all ELISA kit users and for manual and automated systems.

Instruments and Equipment are an essential part of Microplate ELISA based test procedures. Their performance must be reproducible within known parameters between maintenance periods and after repair or irregular results by easy and convenient methods.
The Pathozyme ElisaSure kit provides the ability to test all Microtitre Plate Washers, Microplate Readers, manual and automated pipetting devices.

Regular use of the Pathozyme ElisaSure test kit will produce documented records evidencing equipment performance and will assist in the early detection of deficiencies and assist in troubleshooting by incorporating four separate equipment checks.

Regular monitoring will, in the event of encountering unexpected results during sample testing, provide a means of comparison between current and historical performance and, by incorporation into the laboratories maintenance schedule, provide confidence in the performance of equipment and to attain and preserve accreditation.

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Posted on May 26, 2009