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New Laboratory Filtration Product Guide from Millipore

Millipore Corporation have a new Laboratory Filtration Product Guide, a single source for navigating Millipore´s offerings in sample preparation, water purification, and environmental monitoring.

This valuable resource is designed to optimize workflows in life science, environmental, clinical, forensic, and industrial research. The first chapter contains a filtration primer to help researchers understand the principles of membrane filtration and to select filtration devices to suit their particular applications. The Laboratory Filtration Product Guide also features a Chemical Compatibility Chart for all materials used in producing Millipore´s filtration products, as well as a Regulated Methods and Applications Guide to help customers quickly locate Millipore products that match membranes or apparatus specified in methods from NIOSH, OSHA, and ASTM.

Products featured in the Guide include:
  • Air and liquid monitoring systems and kits
  • Membrane filters, holders and accessories
  • Ultrafiltration and integrated sterile filtration devices
  • Sterile and non-sterile syringe filters
  • Lab water purification systems

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    Posted on April 28, 2008