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Millipore Showcases Innovative Products at Interphex® 2007 Conference

Millipore introduced seven new products at the INTERPHEX® 2007 Conference, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.

Millipore's Bioprocess Division provides products and expertise that enable biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to efficiently develop and manufacture therapeutics, particularly biologic drugs and vaccines. Millipore helps companies to accelerate their speed, improve manufacturing and minimize risk by reducing manufacturing deviations. The Bioprocess Division provides products for many critical applications, including cell culture supplements, filtration, chromatography, disposable manufacturing, and sterility testing.

Millipore's new products at the conference included:

Mobius™ MIX200 disposable mixing system-The new Mobius MIX200 disposable mixing system delivers advanced technology for mixing pharmaceutical ingredients from intermediate to final drug products and for the preparation of process solutions.

SMART RFID Technology- By combining RFID technology in filtration products, Millipore's customers can improve process efficiency and reduce their risk of transcription errors by quickly and reliably retrieving critical information, such as when and how the product was manufactured. The filters with SMART Technology are embedded with a filter tag that does not affect its form, fit, or performance. Providing customers with digital access to filter specific information can stream-line compliance and improve cycle-time.

NovaSeptum® AV system provides safe, accurate small-volume sampling-The new NovaSeptum® AV Accurate Volume sampling system is a closed, accurate sampling system that enables production personnel to obtain small-volume product samples easily and efficiently without the risk of cross contamination.

New NovAseptic® High Shear Mixer brings big possibilities in small scale -The small size of the high shear (HS) T10 mixer makes it ideal for downsizing particles and producing emulsions in small production-scale processes and pilot plants. The HS T10 will enable customers to quantify the mixing process more quickly and move their processes into manufacturing, faster and more cost effectively.

Secure separation of Mobius disposable assemblies with the NovaSeal™ crimping solution -The patented design of the NovaSeal crimping tool first crimps the metallic pinch pipe ensuring a proper seal, then cuts the tubing into two sterile fluid paths. NovaSeal tool is ideal for sampling, transporting or transferring fluid, while ensuring sterility is maintained and the fluid is securely protected from the outside environment at all times. A new battery powered version for ¼ inch to ¾ inch OD tubing will be launched at Interphex.

New smaller size of Pod filter - Millipore's revolutionary Pod family of disposable filters has expanded to include a version capable of processing small bioreactor batches of 5-20L. Because it uses the same media found in the pilot- and process-scale Pods, the newest size Pod with Millistak+® media offers linear scale-up from 270 cm2 to 540 cm2.

Network capability for Integritest® 4 system is now available-The Integritest 4N networkable configuration enables users to quickly perform an integrity test and print results directly to any networked printer via Ethernet connection. The Integritest 4N system is 21 CFR Part 11 compliance ready for electronic records and electronic signatures, improving productivity and facilitation of record keeping.

Millipore's Bioprocess Division delivers integrated solutions and services for every application, every step and every scale of the drug development and manufacturing process. With more than 50 years of experience, Millipore provides the world's leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies with resources designed to improve yields, process economics and speed to market. For more information, visit .

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Posted on April 30, 2007