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Microgen Launches New Identification System for Bacillus and Related Species

Microgen ID Bacillus

Microgen™ Bacillus ID has been developed in response to the food and beverage industries need for an accurate, easy-to-use identification system for Bacillus and related species which is fast, accurate and inexpensive when compared to currently available methods.

The Microgen™ Bacillus ID identifies all commonly encountered Bacillus species and related genera commonly associated with foodborne disease and food spoilage. The Microgen™ Bacillus ID consists of 24 biochemical tests specifically formulated to identify the target group of organisms. These substrates provide identification within 48 hours of inoculation. The interpretation of results which employs up-to-date taxonomy is provided with an easy-to-use computer database.

This product saves time and labour, whilst improving the accuracy and cost of identification of these organisms. Each kit contains suspending medium and sufficient microwell strips for 20 identifications.

This is the latest addition to the family of innovative Microgen ID systems including Gram Negative Bacilli and Listeria spp.

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Posted on April 13, 2005