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Fungal Serology and Miscellaneous Allergens Testing

The Microgen Bioproducts FSK range is a range of tests for the serological diagnosis of fungal infections and hypersensitivity lung diseases using the traditional "Gold Standard" gel diffusion technique.

Available kits include Aspergillus (FSK1), M. faeni (FSK3) and Avian Allergens (FSK4). Each kit contains standardised antigens at two concentrations, positive and negative control sera and record cards for 20 tests. All antigens and control antisera are controlled and have a long stability at 2-8ºC. All reagents are supplied in a liquid form at working strength. Gel diffusion plates (FSKDDP) are available separately.

To compliment the kits, an extensive range of miscellaneous antigens and control sera are available for the construction of assays to meet the special needs of laboratories.

These kits and reagents can be used in simple gel diffusion assays or can be easily adapted to immunoelectrophoresis techniques.

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Posted on January 15, 2007