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Microgen Kits Gain FDA Registration

Microgen Bioproducts has been an FDA Certified manufacturer of laboratory diagnostic kits since 1994. We have now completed the FDA registration process for a larger range of our clinical kits enabling these kits to be used in laboratories throughout the United States without any restrictions.

The products which are now FDA Registered include:

  • FSK1,3,4 and DDP - Fungal Serology Kits
  • Merret Tubes - Reticulocyte staining
  • Bacterial Identification
    - Microgen ID - Biochemical Identification Kits for Gram Negative Bacilli and Staphylococci
    - Microgen Latex - Latex Agglutination kits for the screening or identification of Salmonella, S. aureus, C. difficile, E. coli O157 and Streptococcal Grouping
  • Virus Detection - Latex agglutination and EIA kits for the detection of Adenovirus and Rotavirus direct from stool samples.

These kits are now available in the US through Microbiology International Microbiology International and Medox.

The registration of these products further demonstrates Microgen Bioproducts commitment to the supply of quality laboratory diagnostics to the world market.

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Posted on June 20, 2006