The Pulsifier® - A New Instrument for the Preparation of
Food Samples for Microbiological Examination

The Pulsifier®

The Pulsifier® is a revolutionary new technology for processing of food samples for microbiological examination.

Unlike paddle-type instruments the Pulsifier® beats the outside of the plastic bag containing the food sample at a high frequency producing shock waves and intense stirring which drives the microbes out of the food matrix and into suspension.

The Pulsifier® offers processed samples that are more compatible with the demands of rapid microbiology methods featuring less food matrix destruction and a cleaner aqueous phase making filtration and pipetting easier and minimising interference with EIA and PCR methods. Microbial recovery is at least equivalent to paddle type instruments and minimal temperature increases of the sample during processing protects damaged organisms.

The advent of new technologies for the rapid early detection of food borne bacteria has been difficult to perfect using standard laboratory food sample preparation equipment such as blenders and paddle-type instruments. The Pulsifier® offers processed samples that are more compatible with the demands of rapid microbiology methods featuring less food matrix destruction and a cleaner aqueous phase.

Advantages of the Pulsifier® include:
  • A high speed oscillating action creates shearing forces which release micro organisms from food samples with minimal disruption of the food sample matrix.
  • The oscillating action virtually eliminates bag breakage's, even with hard foods.
  • Less suspended food debris allows easier pipetting and faster filtration.
  • Ideal for use with Petrifilm®.
  • Extensive international evaluations have demonstrated that bacterial counts are equivalent or superior to alternative methods.
  • Reduced disruption of the food matrix minimises the release of factors capable of interfering with EIA, PCR and other rapid methods.
  • Short operating cycle times, 15 seconds.
The Pulsifier® features:
  • Robust, easily cleaned, light weight acrylic case.
  • Safety switch turns unit off when the front door is opened.
  • Door totally sealed when closed.
  • Transparent observation window built into the door.
  • Easy clean internal compartment.
  • Programmable processing times.
  • Cycle choice and status displayed on LCD.
  • Light weight construction, total weight 8.5kg.
  • Small bench-top footprint (32 x 46cm)
  • No maintenance required.
  • Available as in 240V and 110V formats.


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Posted on December 16, 2003

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