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e-Loop Micro-incinerator for Electrical Sterilisation of Loops and Needles

e-loop sterilizer

The robust and compact e-Loop micro-incinerator is resistant to even the most extreme laboratory conditions. Ideal for use within laboratories, particularly safety cabinets, when conditions prevent the use of gas or naked flames.

The internal sterilising tube is manufactured from wear-resistant quartz glass and reaches an optimal temperature of 900°C in a few minutes. The smooth, 100% stainless steel, housing can be cleaned effortlessly.
The e-Loop offers many safety features. The unique ergonomic design protects the working surface from contamination, an integrated spray protector can be used when handling pathogenic material and the quartz-glass tube locks securely into place before heating. After use the e-Loop display warns the user that the sterilisation tube remains hot until a safe temperature has been reached.

Josef Macaluso, Director of Biotool AG, highlighted the ease of use, 'Just place an inoculation loop in the internal quartz glass tube. In less than 7 seconds the loop is sterilised and can be re-used. Simple. No open flame, no gas.'

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Posted on September 11, 2008