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Chinese Approval for TB Protein Chip Diagnostic Kit

Mossman Associates, USA and Nanjing Potomac Biotechnology Co. Ltd, China have announced that the Chinese government has approved Nanjing Potomac Bio-technology's Protein Chip diagnostic kit for the identification of IgG antibody to Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.

Nanjing Potomac Biotechnology Co. Ltd. is focused on the development and manufacture of Bio-Chips and Chip Scanner within China. They produce several protein chips as well as gene-chips for various purposes, all utilizing the same scanner plate-format for interpreting the results.

This particular Bio-Chip test consists of incubating patient sample with antigen coated membrane and with the use of colloidal gold as a tag identifies TB infection when used in conjunction with the chip scanner. This is the first product in the form of a Bio- chip for TB detection approved by Chinese Government and is planned for use by the People’s Republic of China’s Disease Control Center, The Administration of Inspection and Quarantine, as well as hospitals.

Mossman Associates supplies reagents to manufacturers of diagnostic test kits, as well as manufactures medical diagnostic products of their own, such as MycoDot™ a serological test for TB and NicCheckTM an FDA approved urine dipstick test for measuring nicotine. Both diagnostic test kits are in a rapid format and do not require instrumentation for the interpretation of results.

"We are glad to have contributed to another test for the accurate and affordable diagnosis of tuberculosis in humans. Our ability to provide antigen whether on a chip such as with the Potomac Biotechnology system, being read on an instrument , or a comb such as our MycoDotTM test being read by eye, is a major step in getting serological tests for TB into main steam use", noted Donald Mossman, President of Mossman Associates Inc.

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Posted on February 9, 2005