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Queen Elizabeth Hospital Selects MediLab® Microbiology Module

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) has signed an agreement to purchase the MediLab® Microbiology module, part of MediSolution’s MediLab laboratory information suite. The implementation will begin in January, 2005.

QEH, an acute care health centre in Canada, will deploy the microbiology module to provide technologists and microbiologists with access to complete microbiology history by patient. Typically results are achieved in free or coded text form.

With the MediLab Microbiology module, QEH will be able to achieve fast and reliable entry results. All steps of the analytical process, which will now be automated, will be completed according to user-defined protocols, customized by QEH. The system produces the industry’s best epidemiology reports and web enablement will enhance data access and information delivery to clinicians.

The selection of the MediLab Microbiology module came after a realization that the current system at QEH was outdated. "We were looking for a system that would allow us to improve the availability of information to our front end clinicians and have the capacity to connect multiple sites," said David Schneider, Laboratory Services Manager, Queen Elizabeth Hospital. "MediLab’s microbiology module allows us to achieve this."

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Posted on November 15, 2004