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MAST Launches Seeplex® Multiplex PCR

MAST have launched the new Seeplex® multiplex PCR range from Seegene. The assays offer customers a novel, simple to use platform for a wide spectrum of pathogens without reliance on old electrophoresis techniques or expensive, dedicated real-time instruments.

Howard Rose, Managing Director of Mast Diagnostics commented on the new range - ‘ We are delighted to have the opportunity to partner with Seegene so our customers can benefit from this leading-edge multiplex molecular technology ´

MAST have launched the range with a number of exciting products including:
  • Respiratory pathogens: Kits for 12 viruses & 6 bacterial pathogens

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections: A comprehensive range for either detection or confirmation of a selection of the most common STI´s

  • Human papilloma virus: Genotyping kits for high & low risk HPV.

  • Drug resistance: Kits for VRE, Clarithromycin resistant H.pylori and lamivudine resistant Hepatitis B.

Coming soon are a number of new assays including those for sepsis detection from whole blood and for HSV.

The range uses patented Dual Priming Oligonucleotide PCR technology. DPO differs from routine PCR by using two priming regions (stabilising & determiner regions), which increase the specificity of the assay. These two regions are joined by a polydeoxyinosine linker, which delineates the two sections and is not itself involved in priming.
Seegene Multiplex PCR

Acting as a stabiliser, the longer 5´ end binds to the template DNA and initiates stable annealing. The shorter 3´ end then binds to the target site and determines target specific extension. If either region is unable to bind, then extension does not occur. This means that by using DPO technology, the reaction blocks any non-specific bound amplification.

Seegene Multiplex PCR

Detection of the pathogens can be carried out on a number of semi-automated platforms.

For further information on the detection systems, please contact your local MAST representative or call customer services on +44 151 472 1444.

For more information on the Seeplex range, please click here

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Posted on March 18, 2009