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Adjustable Spacing Multichannel Pipette Range Expanded

Anachem is pleased to add the new 5-50µl, 8-channel models to its range of RAININ Adjustable Spacer Multichannel Pipettes. These new pipettes enable researchers working at lower volumes to benefit from the great speed and productivity advantages brought to protocols using several sample formats.

Ideal for routine micro-well applications, these pipettes enable quick and accurate changes of nozzle spacing when transferring samples between different vessels. Transfer your samples with the greatest of ease between micro centrifuge tubes, 24, 48 and 96-well plates - just a twist is all that´s required to change spacing.

The new 5-50µl RAININ Adjustable Spacer pipettes extend both the electronic range plus the unique and economical manual versions. All use the patented LTS Lite-Touch Tip System for maximum comfort and ease-of-use- tips seal precisely and consistent sample pick-up is guaranteed, every time.

The full range of RAININ Adjustable Spacer pipettes now includes a total of 10 models. The 8-channel electronic and manual versions, with 50µl, 300µl or 1200µl nominal volumes, plus 6-channel electronic and manual versions, with 300µl or 1200µl nominal volumes.

Anachem is the leading specialist distributor to the scientific communities within the UK and Ireland having over thirty five years of technical expertise and innovation in liquid handling and chromatography. Today, Anachem represents suppliers such as GE, Gilson, Munktell, RAININ, SSI and Treff, to provide world renowned manual liquid handling products, laboratory plastics, instrumentation and consumables backed by unprecedented quality of service and support.

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Posted on November 3, 2008