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Extensive Range of LTS Multichannel Pipettes for Exceptional Ease-of-Use

Anachem, the liquid handling specialist, offers an extensive range of Rainin multichannel pipettes providing you with the best choice to suit your high throughput pipetting needs. Whether you prefer manual or electronic pipettes, fixed or variable volume with 8, 12, 16 or even 24 channels, Anachem brings you the tools to increase your productivity with the minimum of strain and frustration.

All Rainin multichannel pipettes feature the LTS Light Touch Tip Ejection System that eliminates or reduces repetitive strain injuries (RSI) with up to 95% reduction in pipetting forces. The unique cylindrical shaft and tip design provides low force loading and ejection. Tips load in as little as 2 seconds with a perfect fit, making them the easiest multichannels to use and ensuring a leak-free seal first time, every time!

Anachem provides complete sales and service support for Rainin pipettes plus the full offering of Rainin high quality Bioclean pipette tips. Contact us today for the most competitive pricing and for our latest special offers on these products

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Posted on November 7, 2007