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New High Quality, Cost Effective Nucleic Acid Mini Prep Kits from Anachem

KeyPrep is a new range of DNA & RNA mini prep kits from Anachem, that bring you the high quality purifications you need but at a much more economical price than equivalent products. The kits include all the specialised spin columns, tubes and main reagents required to isolate/purify nucleic acids from a variety of sources, ranging from whole blood to PCR products.

The reliability and quality of KeyPrep kits is excellent. Their performance is proven to be as good as or better than the routinely used market leading kits. Exhaustive QC procedures for the membrane and complete kits, one of the most stringent in the industry, ensures consistent prep-to-prep and kit-to-kit reproducibility and reassurance in the handling of your important samples.

KeyPrep offers you savings of at least 20% compared to the market leading products backed by the high quality customer service and support you expect from Anachem.

Anachem offers a range of KeyPrep kits for all your molecular biology needs, has all with optimised reagents for maximum yield and purity. These include Genomic DNA kits for blood, bacteria, plant and tissue samples clean up kits for your Gels and PCR reactions plus kits for your plasmids. The range also includes a Viral DNA/RNA kit and one for RNA from a variety of sources with additional kits coming soon. So whatever your need contact Anachem, where a dedicated technical team is waiting to provide you with a solution to your nucleic acid purification needs.

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Posted on September 4, 2007

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