Trust Anachem for your UKAS Level Pipette Servicing & Calibration

If your laboratory is working to highly stringent SOPs, or is UKAS or CPA accredited, you know you need to be able to trust and prove that your equipment is operating to the highest standards. When it comes to maintenance of pipettes, one of the most highly used laboratory tools, you need assistance from real experts.

Anachem has been servicing and calibrating pipettes for scientists in the UK and Ireland for over twenty five years. It has held UKAS accreditation for pipette calibration since 1998 and is the only UK Gilson Centre of Excellence for pipette service. Thus, Anachem is the most highly qualified and experienced authority for pipette calibration to UKAS level in the UK. UKAS accredited laboratories have competent fully trained staff, properly maintained and calibrated instruments, full traceability of data, internal and external quality control and are recognised internationally.

Anachem offers UKAS pipette servicing and calibration for all major brands and models of pipettes. The UKAS calibration includes 10 gravimetric weighings each at 3 volumes to ensure accuracy, linearity and precision. It also comprises a full service and any repair of the pipette. The calibration certificate includes a statement of measurement of uncertainty per volume setting.

A wide range of pipette models can be serviced and calibrated to various levels by Anachem. These include Gilson, Rainin, Finn, Biohit, Eppendorf, Cappelen, Brand, Nichiryo, Socorex etc. Anachem cuts out the hassle of sending your range of pipettes to different distributors each time they require servicing. So you can be sure they will all receive the same high level of maintenance and calibration by using a single service provider.

Anachem pipette service guarantees trouble–free pipetting and provides convenience with minimal administration. It is an essential requirement to have your pipettes serviced and calibrated to ensure complete accuracy, precision and reliability of research results. Anachem guarantees the same price for manual and electronic pipettes and no minimum pipette numbers are required.

Servicing can either be in Anachem’s UKAS accredited Pipette Service Centre, or in your own laboratory with an On-Site Pipette Clinic.

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Posted on May 21, 2007