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New MiGroFilterM makes Microbiological Monitoring Rapid, Safe and Convenient.


Anachem is proud to announce the launch of its new monitor unit MiGroFilterM together with MiGroMedia, ready-to-use, pre-aliquoted, species specific media.

This single use pre-sterilised monitoring system is ideal for use in quality control procedures for beer, wine, soft drink and bottled water production.

This convenient, all in one system ensures ease of use, and consistency of testing conditions to ensure maximum reliability of results.

The MiGroFilterM unit comes complete with a graduated sample vessel, fixed gridded cellulose acetate membrane and culturing Petri dish device with re-sealable vacuum port. The 100ml capacity makes it perfect for testing for contamination in liquid samples, from raw material to finished products. The system is supplied pre-sterilised and ready-to-use; saving you up to 70% in set up time and eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.

For even greater convenience and to suit specific applications, a choice of ready to use MiGroMedia is available: M Green Yeast & Mould, M-TGE Total Count Media, M-Endo Coliform Broth, KF Streptococcus Broth, Cetrimide Broth or MLSB.

The media is pre-aliquoted in easy-to-use, 2ml sterile ampoules that save you time and money. It has an industry leading shelf-life of up to 18 months for added convenience, MiGroMedia ensures that every test is carried out using the same preparation, quality controlled media, removing the possibility of user-to-user inconsistencies.

After the filtration step is complete, the funnel is removed from the device and the pre-aliquoted MiGroMedia is added. The lid is then replaced on the unit converting it into a petri dish for culturing any microbes recovered from the test sample.

Also now available - MiGroFilter A, with removable membrane giving you greater flexibility!

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Posted on January 3, 2007