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Easier Colony Counting with Gridded Membranes from Anachem

GE Gridded Membranes

The GE gridded membranes now available from Anachem simplify your colony counting, helping to reduce time and effort. The "dotted" line grid matrix reduces the risk of bacterial count loss. Plus, there are no interleaving papers making them less fiddly to use and preventing paper wastage.

The membranes are made from black or white nitrocellulose, a material that assures excellent retention and optimum colony growth. All are available in standard 47mm discs to fit all pre-existing glassware with a range of pore sizes from 0.22 to 1.2 µm and sterile options to prevent contamination.

Gridded membranes are ideal for the recovery, retention and quantitative determination of bacteria in microbiological analysis applications. The quantity can represent either the total bioburden, e.g., all bacteria, yeast and moulds, or the detection and quantification of a particular species of product-specific microorganisms.

White gridded disks are designed for the recovery and retention of E. coli bacteria in water/wastewater analysis as well as other microbiological tests. The GE filters are certified to meet specifications listed in APHA Standard Methods.

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Posted on June 30, 2006