New Gilson REPETMAN® Repeater Pipette with Large Volume Range

The new Gilson REPETMAN is a rapid, reliable, electronic, positive displacement repetitive pipette that is exclusively available in the UK from Anachem. The ergonomic, lightweight design fits comfortably in either hand to increase operator comfort. This versatile pipette can be adjusted to dispense a large volume range from 1µl up to 50ml and is ideal for a wide variety of applications where multi-dispensing is required.

REPETMAN is battery operated and has three different modes. Pipetting allows it to be used as a positive displacement pipette and Dispense enables multi-dispensing of aliquots, In the Automatic Dispensing mode REPETMAN "learns" the average time interval between the first three dispensing steps then automatically continues at this same "pace" .The digital pipetting-rate monitoring technology detects your true pipetting-rate and then automatically adjusts dispensing rhythm. This saves time eliminates pipetting forces, reducing the risk of repetitive strain injury.

REPETMAN is compatible with most standard syringe tips and has a coded syringe-plunger that automatically identifies the tip size. Gilson offers eight standard or sterile Repet-Tips sizes are available from 0.5- to 50ml volumes and allow users to perform accurate and precise repeat dispensing even of viscous and high vapour pressure liquids. Positive displacement is also advantageous in preventing cross-contamination between samples.

Anachem exclusively represents suppliers such as Gilson, Rainin, MatriCal, SSI and Treff, offering the U.K. scientific market, world renowned manual liquid handling products, plastics and consumables backed by unprecedented quality of service and support.

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Posted on July 18, 2005