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Filter Range Ideal for Sterilization and Clarification

Anachem is pleased to announce a new collaboration with GE that will bring an extensive line of membrane technology products to scientists in the UK and Ireland. This range includes syringe filters for both biological and chemical applications including nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate, nylon, polypropylene and PTFE.

These syringe filters are unique in that every filter is labeled with its pore size and the material of the filter, preventing any possible confusion that can occur with colour coded filters that are only labeled on the packaging. Colour coding has not been standardised across the market and therefore relying on colours could mean you are using an incorrect filter. With GE syringe filters there is never a doubt.

GE syringe filters provide an exceptionally uniform pore size and high burst pressure. These filters are ideal for sterilization and clarification where critical material needs to be recovered and are great for filtration of tissue culture media. For difficult solutions that may require repeated filtering, the syringe filters are available with glass fibre prefilters for aqueous, biological or protein solutions reducing sample preparation time and saving money by reusing the filter.

These syringe filters are available sterile and individually packed. They are sterilized using gamma irradiation, a safer method than ethylene oxide, which may introduce residues into your sample and result in cell fatalities.

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Posted on January 9, 2006