New chocolate contact agar lth icrplus for fastidious organisms in cleanrooms

Dr. Müller GmbH have introduced new Chocolate Contact Agar + LTH ICRplus which has been developed especially for the detection of fastidious aerobic and anaerobic micro-organisms in clean rooms and isolators.

The medium is based on rich nutrient components and supplemented with blood and several growth supplements. Heating and gamma-irradiation of the blood will release haemin and NAD from the erythrocytes. Furthermore neutralizing agents for inactivation of disinfectant residues as well as hydrogen peroxide are added. This gives improved growth of some fastidious aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms on Chocolate Contact Agar with LTH -ICRplus compared to Columbia Blood Agar.

Chocolate Contact Agar with LTH -ICRplus is triple-packed and gamma-irradiated. The plates are stored at room temperature. The contact plate type 'plus' shows the following additional features:
  • Locking of the lid for safe transport

  • Lock in 'VENT'- or 'CLOSED'- position: Turning the lid clockwise will lock the lid in 'CLOSED'-position suitable for safe transport as well as aerobic incubation - especially for long incubation times. Turning the lid counter clockwise will lock the lid in 'VENT'-position suitable for all incubation atmospheres including anaerobic and microaerophilic incubation.

  • Each plate is supplied with a datamatrix code for individual identification of article-no., lot-no., shelf life and individual serial number of the plate.

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Source : heipha Dr. Müller GmbH [Germany]
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Posted on September 2, 2008