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Puritan Launches a New Diagnostics Division

Responding to a fast-growing need for specialized diagnostic collection and transport systems, Puritan Medical Products LLC has established a new diagnostic division to better serve its customers throughout the world.

The company is now manufacturing and selling an expanded line of diagnostic products from its facility in Guilford, Maine - a significant change from just a few years ago. Because of steadily increasing sales in the diagnostic arena, the company decided to create a new division: Puritan Diagnostics.

Puritan Diagnostic's product line includes U.S. and European patent pending PurFlock® Ultra and HydraFlock® swabs, manufactured using a proprietary process. The dense, multi-length, medical-grade fibers allow for superior specimen collection and elution. These innovative flock swabs are a vital component of the clinical diagnostic line of products, which will include Puritan Liquid Amies and UTM (Universal Transport Medium) collection and transport systems.

Other diagnostic sample collection devices are still available tipped with diverse materials such as foam, rayon, nylon, and polyester. Puritan also offers a wide range of custom media contract filling and packaging services.

'We still offer the high levels of quality and service we have provided since 1919,' says Timothy Templet, the company's Executive Vice President of Sales. 'But we are organizing our product line to serve our customers better, and adopting a new name better reflects how we serve them. We've become more diversified in order to react quickly to the emerging needs of this fast growing market' Templet says. 'Staying in close touch with our customers allows us to understand and respond to the needs of our customers.'

'In early 2012 Puritan Diagnostics will launch its anxiously awaited line of liquid media-filled transport tubes, available with swabs made in our Guilford, Maine manufacturing facility'. 'Clinical diagnostic testing products are a fast-growing segment of the diagnostic world and we are ready to meet the needs of this market' says Templet. 'The swabs and flocked collection devices we've made for years are still critical components in specimen collection and release' Templet adds 'it's a natural progression to take the next step and provide the one last thing that we have not made: media-filled tubes for the transfer of micro organisms from the patient to the laboratory. We're happy to say we are now in the final stage of this process.'

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Posted on November 21, 2011