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Veterinary Laboratory Agency to Offer Access to Biolog Cell Phenotyping Technology

The UK's Veterinary Laboratory Agency (VLA) will shortly launch a new initiative providing access to cell phenotyping to not-for-profit organisations and commercial companies based on the Biolog Phenotype Microarray platform.

VLA has been working closely with Biolog's UK distributor, Technopath, for the past two years and has built up an extensive experience of using the unique Biolog Phenotype MicroArray system and OmniLog instrument platform for a wide range of microorganisms.

Just as DNA Microarrays and Proteomic Technologies have made it possible to assay the level of thousands of genes or proteins all at once, Phenotype MicroArrays make it possible to quantitatively measure thousands of cellular phenotypes, both prokaryotic and eukaryotic.

The VLA is an internationally recognised centre of excellence in veterinary research with close links with research institutes and universities globally. The VLA also provides a National and International Reference Laboratory service for a wide range of animal diseases and zoonoses. Research into and diagnostic development for veterinary pathogens using the latest technologies for genotypic and phenotypic analysis are key remits for the VLA.

Technopath is the Irish-based distributor partner of Biolog for UK and Ireland. Speaking of the planned initiative at VLA, Technopath's Product Manager Dr Nick Brain said 'We are very excited that VLA's scientists, with their international reputation, have not only successfully adopted BIOLOG's Phenotype MicroArray technology themselves but want to provide access to this powerful research tool for the wider research community'.

Phenotype MicroArray (PM) was invented and is manufactured by Biolog Inc, based in San Francisco. Now used across the world, the PM system for microorganisms permits functional study using nearly 2,000 phenotypic assays to give a global and kinetic view of microbial metabolism, biosynthesis and sensitivity to salts, pH and a comprehensive panel of antimicrobial compounds. With over 90 citations, PM has been published across a vast range of microbiological applications.

More recently, Biolog Inc has developed Phenotype MicroArray for mammalian cell systems. These are now being used in studies of metabolic disease; cancer; stem cell research; cell culture and bioprocess development; host-pathogen studies; drug discovery and many other applications. Using live cells, these provide functional kinetics of hundreds of metabolic pathways and response to metabolic effectors such as hormones, cytokines and growth factors, anti-cancer cytotoxic compounds and ions.

The new technology access initiative will be launched in collaboration with Technopath at an event to be held at VLA's Weybridge headquarters on the 12th November 2008.

For further information on the launch event click on the 'more information' button at the bottom of this page.

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Posted on August 6, 2008