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Safe Flame Sterilisation

FIREBOY Safe Bunsen Burner
The FIREBOY from INTEGRA Biosciences AG is an intrinsically safe Bunsen burner.

Flame sterilisation is a routine task carried out in many microbiological, clinical and life science laboratories. Traditionally Bunsen burners have been used as the standard equipment for routine flame sterilisation work. Over the years however Bunsen burners have been responsible for many laboratory fires and accidents. The FIREBOY combines all the functional advantages of flame sterilisation with the highest safety standards of modern laboratory technology.
Proven to ensure highest application safety the FIREBOY has many advantages compared to traditional Bunsen burners. Advanced temperature protection, flame monitor and alarm display features serve to protect both the operator and operating environment. Gas ignition is both rapid and safe - the FIREBOY requires no lighter or matches. The FIREBOY offers users the choice to ignite the flame hands-free by an infrared optical sensor or a foot switch and also by a push button on the instrument. The gas supply flows and the flame ignites only if consciously activated by the operator.

To prevent dangerous gas leakage, the FIREBOY automatically tries to reignite the flame if it accidentally extinguishes. Should it for any reason fail to do so, the unit will interrupt the gas supply reliably. An automatically shut off after a user-defined maximum burning time, eliminates any danger if the unit is unintentionally left on. Consequently the new FIREBOY, unlike traditional Bunsen burners, minimises the consumption of gas and reduces operating environment heat build-up making the laboratory a more pleasant place to work in.

Operating from a wide range of gas cartridges and powered from a battery the robustly designed FIREBOY can be used where ever you wish. With no interfering cables or tubes the FIREBOY is extremely smart and easy-to-use.

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Posted on October 29, 2010