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Versatile Handheld Vacuum Tweezers

PIPETBOY vacuum tweezers
INTEGRA Biosciences has announced PIPETBOY vacuum tweezers, a handheld suction device for manipulating small or delicate items that cannot be touched.

Designed as a low cost accessory for the popular PIPETBOY pipettor, the new vacuum tweezers allow you to pick up, move, and position small, delicate, and hard to hold objects that weigh up to 50 g (1 ¾ oz). Supplied with a set of interchangeable suction nozzles, PIPETBOY vacuum tweezers are the perfect tool for handling a wide variety of items including microscope slides, cover slips, optics, small mechanical parts, electronic components and biological specimens. Uses include assembly or handling of items where contamination by finger oils must be avoided or for parts that are so small that conventional mechanical tweezers may cause loss or damage of parts. Benefiting from an ergonomic, lightweight and easy to use design, PIPETBOY vacuum tweezers allow safe, fatigue-free operation.

For further information visit www.pipetboy.info

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Posted on November 2, 2009