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Improve Your Liquid Dispensing Productivity and Quality Assurance

DOSE-IT Peristaltic pump
INTEGRA Biosciences has 2 new applications reports that demonstrate how it's programmable peristaltic pump - the DOSE-IT makes the automated dispensing of a wide range of liquids easy, efficient and accurate.

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  • the first application report shows how a Microbiological Quality Control Group within a major Pharmaceutical company has used the comprehensive, yet intuitive programming capabilities of the DOSE IT to establish Standard Operating Procedures based on automated protocols that precisely dispense various solutions like growth media and buffers into tubes, bottles and Erlenmayer flasks.
  • a second downloadable application report discusses how a leading Swiss Centre for infectious diseases is using a combination of MEDIAJET Petri dish filler and DOSE IT peristaltic pump to minimise processing time thereby reducing thermal and mechanical stress to erythrocytes enabling production of top quality blood agar.

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Posted on February 11, 2009