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New State-of-the-art Tool for Liquid Aspiration, Filtration and Waste Disposal

The new VACUSAFE comfort from INTEGRA Biosciences represents a benchmark in liquid aspiration, filtration and waste disposal that will appeal to many pharmaceutical, biotech, clinical and chemical laboratories.

Incorporating all the features of the globally popular previous generation systems the new system has added features enhancing ease of use, performance and operational safety. New quick connectors facilitate easier handling and are colour coded to virtually eliminate the chances of incorrect set-up. The latest ultra-low noise pump technology enables the system to provide infinitely variable vacuum control enabling gentle aspiration from the microlitre range right up to rapid emptying of relatively large containers. For busy laboratories the VACUSAFE comfort now offers the multi-user possibility of connecting two units to one waste bottle.

The VACUSAFE comfort incorporates all the essential elements for safe and productive disposal of liquid waste. Coupled with the ergonomically profiled VACUBOY hand operator and a range of adapters the system provides the flexibility to aspirate supernatant liquids from cell culture vessels, centrifuge tubes, 24- and 96-well plates and sample vials. Furthermore it fits any existing vacuum source in a laboratory, offering a powerful tool to handle liquid aspiration, waste disposal and filtration applications.

To operate the VACUSAFE comfort, simply switch on, set the vacuum, and the system is operational. As soon as the target vacuum has been reached, the pump switches off automatically. If the vacuum collapses in use, the pump switches back on automatically. Waste is collected in a shatterproof 3 litre glass or 4 litre polypropylene container that is fitted with an overflow filter and optionally a level sensor to prevent liquids from getting into the pump.

All parts of the new VACUSAFE comfort and VACUBOY Hand Operator set that may come in contact with waste liquid may be repeatably sterilised, guaranteeing maximum safety even with hazardous and critical liquids.

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Posted on August 16, 2004