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MediaClave the Versatile Media Preparator


The new generation MediaClave nutrient media preparator and steriliser from INTEGRA Biosciences sets a new benchmark for operational versatility.

Tried and trusted in microbiology and clinical laboratories worldwide the latest version of the MediaClave offers the perfect solution for rapid, gentle and reproducible preparation of nutrient media. Special temperature programming enables production of even highly sensitive media. The media is subjected to the minimum of thermal stress during the process. A new stirring unit ensures homogeneous mixing. Special programs enable media containing growth components and highly sensitive media such as blood and chocolate agar to be prepared with reproducible quality.

In addition, MediaClave can be quickly converted to a compact bench-top autoclave. It is particularly suitable for the individual and economical sterilisation of small volumes of media. The MediaClave is also ideal for autoclaving glassware, instruments and other laboratory material. MediaClave possesses all the safety features of a modern vertical autoclave, including efficient rapid cooling and support pressure. For temperature-sensitive media or for thermostatting liquids - MediaClave may be used as an accurate water bath for the temperature range 37 - 80ºC.

The new heating and cooling system on the Mediaclave is state-of-the-art. The plate heating system incorporates an over-heating mechanism that guarantees rapid and uniform heat distribution. The rapid cooling facility is 95 % quicker than traditional self-cooling mechanisms. A 4-stage safety program automatically monitors all pressure and heating functions of MediaClave guaranteeing 100% operating safety.

Modern microprocessor technology (32-bit) ensures precise and reproducible results with the new Pt-100 sensor providing precise monitoring during the entire process. New intuitive menu driven software enables all operational steps to be entered using only 4 keys on the LCD screen. MediaClave comes with integrated printer which can be connected to a PC via a RS 232 interface documenting all MediaClave program steps. As well as offering many new features the MediaClave is CE certified as safe and corresponds to the UL standard.

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Posted on June 7, 2004