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A Safe and Productive Tool for Flame Sterilisation

INTEGRA Biosciences has introduced new gas cartridge safety adapters for its FIREBOY range of mobile Bunsen burners.

The new adapters are very easy to use and are installed by means of a 'click and go' safety valve on a FIREBOY system in less than 2 seconds. In use with a FIREBOY system the new gas cartridge adapters provide a versatile mobile flame sterilisation solution that is fully DVGW safety certified.

The new adapters accommodate a wide range of common gas cartridges including Camping Gaz CP 250, CV270, CV360 and CV470 and other butane cylinders. Ensuring that larger gas cartridges are always in the correct position, a safety stand adapter is available that guarantees high safety operation free of problems.

The FIREBOY range of affordable mobile Bunsen burners are intrinsically much safer than traditional Bunsen burners having advanced temperature protection, flame monitor and alarm display features to protect the operator and operating environment. The gas ignition is both rapid and safe; with the FIREBOY no lighter or matches are required.

The system has an infrared sensor that provides non-touch ignition of the gas supply when an object passes slowly through the sensor window at a distance of 6 to 8 centimetres. A foot-activated switch that automatically turns off five minutes after the last activation is used to control the FIREBOY eco.

Consequently the FIREBOY range, unlike traditional Bunsen burners, minimise the consumption of oxygen and operating environment heat build-up making the laboratory a more pleasant place to work in. As the flame is only on if it is needed, the economic FIREBOY also provides a dramatic five to fifteen fold decrease in gas usage over traditional Bunsen burners. With no interfering cables or tubes the 'hands-free' FIREBOY is extremely easy-to-use.

For further information on the new Gas Cartridge Safety Adapters and the FIREBOY range please contact INTEGRA Biosciences on telephone +41-81-286-9530 or email

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Posted on August 24, 2006

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