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INTEGRA Biosciences has introduced a range of new enhancements to its popular CELLSPIN and CELLROLL systems that assist quality assurance and enhance operational flexibility.

The CELLSPIN is a compact system with remote control for spinning cell culture volumes from 100 to 1000 ml at 5-75 rpm and the CELLROLL is a compact roller system for the cultivation of adherent and suspension cells. Working in cooperation with a major pharmaceutical company, INTEGRA Biosciences have developed an alarm interface (AI) for the CELLSPIN and CELLROLL systems. Offered as an accessory this new piece of hardware connects to the control unit of the systems to enable direct monitoring of different parameters including speed of stirring (CELLSPIN) or rotation (CELLROLL), the on-off status of the instrument and to sense when there is a power failure or the control unit stops sending signals to the motor units. The data from the AI can be fed into a lab management/process monitoring system or connected to an alarm system providing a secure audit of instrument functioning that is important in a GMP regulated environment.

For users that have to perform equipment qualification procedures, INTEGRA Biosciences have prepared protocols for the CELLSPIN and CELLROLL systems to help the user during Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ).

To increase operational flexibility design modifications have been implemented on the new generation CELLSPIN allowing the high performance system to now be used with all common spinner flasks, independently of the used impeller type.

The impeller used in the Integras's spinner flasks is based on a proprietary dual glass pendulum mechanism that guarantees low shear force while maintaining optimum mixing. CELLSPIN flasks are manufactured to provide a high surface to volume ratio ensuring improved oxygenation over standard designs. As additionally no heat is imparted to the cell suspension, high yield expression from even the most sensitive cell lines is possible. The highly flexible CELLSPIN system, comprising moisture-resistant stirring platform and removable control unit, has been built to provide the versatility for use in research-scale cell cultivation. Each CELLSPIN stirring platform duplicates gentle stirring conditions in up to four spin flasks. The stability of each flask, irrespective of its size, is guaranteed by auto-centre coning. An advanced control unit enables the entire cell cultivation working process to be pre-programmed through use of a non-volatile memory facility. Programming options include rotary velocity, rotary angle and the interval between, plus length of work cycles allowing secure handling of even sensitive cell lines.

The CELLROLL system uses motor driven ball bearing rollers that gradually and smoothly implement movement minimising detrimental vibration and shear forces to create the optimal cell growth conditions. The motor has been specially selected to ensure no heat is transferred into the incubator. Bottle racks are modular and easy to install with one power unit controlling up to 8 racks or 16 roller bottles with volumes of 300-400ml. The CELLROLL comes with a drive motor (CO2 and moisture resistant), a control unit and two modular stackable decks. Two models are available with rotation speeds of either 1-2 rpm or a faster motor at 2-6 rpm depending on your cell type. The control unit is completely programmable in regard to rotation speed, spin direction and motion (continuous spin or oscillation) for precise control during the growth phase.

Furthermore, the control unit can remain outside the CO2 incubator allowing for changes to the program without opening the incubator door. Additional functionality of the control unit is given by its ability to independently steer two instruments. So it is possible to operate e.g. one CELLSPIN and one CELLROLL with different settings using a single control unit. Owing to a digital interface, the control unit can be connected to a PC or to a printer for recording or printing of protocols and documentation.

For further information on the new generation CELLSPIN and CELLROLL systems please contact INTEGRA Biosciences AG.

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Posted on June 15, 2006