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Designing a food microbiology laboratory

Designing a food microbiology laboratory - new guidance from Campden BRI

Microbiological analysis needs to be closely controlled in order for the client to have confidence in the accuracy of the results. Part of that control is ensuring that the laboratory in which the analysis takes place is suitable for purpose. This is also essential for the health and safety of those working there.

To meet the needs of the industry, Campden BRI has published new guidance: Guidelines for the design and safety of food microbiology laboratories (Guideline 66) which updates and supersedes previous Campden BRI guidance on the subject (Technical Manual 42). It covers the design concepts and safety requirements for UK-based food microbiology laboratories up to and including Containment level 2 (including construction details and installation of equipment).

It provides a point of reference for the design and safety of the laboratories and will facilitate the identification of key considerations relating to the legislation and best practice, not only for new buildings, but also for updating, refurbishing or extending existing buildings, moving to a different facility and decommissioning.

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Posted on April 11, 2011