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EnviroLogix New Rapid Molecular Test Kit for Salmonella in Poultry

EnviroLogix Inc. has introduced the DNAble Salmonella Rapid Screening Kit, a pioneering testing solution for live poultry production.

The new DNAble Salmonella test system generates same-day results that can be used to make intervention decisions when managing Salmonella in live production. The DNAble testing system uses a proprietary molecular-detection technology that requires minimal sample preparation but provides sensitive and specific results. Testing can be performed quickly and without expensive equipment, making DNAble an ideal solution for Salmonella management in the production process.

At a recent luncheon during the International Production and Processing Expo in Atlanta, EnviroLogix was joined by poultry industry leaders to unveil the new technology and present performance data.

Kathy S. Hensley, General Laboratory Manager at Perdue Farms, shared the results of a field validation showing comparable performance to other standard Salmonella detection methods, such as culture and PCR. Hensley described how these DNAble results could be obtained overnight, compared to the several days required for current methods.

Dr. Nick Evans, a Research Scientist from Virginia Tech, presented a field study that demonstrated the versatility of the DNAble test system. His findings highlighted a novel approach for predicting the level of ground-meat contamination by determining Salmonella load on poultry transport trucks prior to processing.

'This technology represents a significant advancement in how Salmonella test results can be used to make pathogen-management decisions in the poultry industry,' says Jennine Cannizzo, Director of Veterinary Business for EnviroLogix. 'The DNAble system, with minimal enrichment, can give our customers results today, allowing for immediate intervention and process improvement.'

EnviroLogix is seeking both NPIP and AOAC approval for the DNAble Salmonella Rapid Screening Kit. Additional pathogen and infectious disease tests are in development, and will be part of a comprehensive DNAble product portfolio.

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Posted on March 11, 2013