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Colitag Ready-to-use Presence Absence Test for Coliform & E.coli

Colitag™, made by CPI International, is a ready-to-use ONPG/MUG based test, which can be added directly to a liquid or semi-liquid sample.

If coliforms are present, ONPG will produce a distinct yellow color. If E. coli is present, the sample will fluoresce a bright blue color under long-wave (366nm) UV light.

Incubation of the test is performed at 35°C for 22-26 hours.

Benefits of Colitag include:

  • Allows you to run a traditional Presence/Absence (P/A) or MPN format

  • Detects 1 CFU of total coliform or E. coli bacteria per 100ml water sample

  • Resuscitates chlorine injured bacteria

  • Provides selectivity with growth inhibitors without affecting recovery of
    target organisms

  • Brighter blue fluorescence eliminates questionable positive E. coli results

  • Simultaneously provides 24-hour fecal coliforms and E. coli determinations

Left bottle: Negative result
Middle bottle: Positive for coliform
Right bottle: Positive for E. coli by fluorescence
Colitag results

Colitag™ is capable of resuscitating and detecting even single cells of severely injured E. coli and coliforms. In March of 2004, Colitag™ earned US EPA approval for use as a presence-absence test in drinking water and approval for use as an enumerative test in MPN format in May of 2005.

Colitag™ is available for use in municipal and bottled water testing, beverage waters and other QC coliform monitoring testing. Preliminary testing has also shown promising results for monitoring shellfish meats and shellfish-growing waters, as well as for waters growing alfalfa sprouts.

Colitag is now available from Hardy Diagnostics.

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Posted on July 8, 2008