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Long-Term Storage of Stock Organisms


Long-term storage of stock organisms is a common practice in the field of microbiology.

The Hardy Diagnostics ready-to-use CryoSavers™ Cryogenic Vials are a convenient way to save valuable time and effort when storing microorganisms at ultra low temperatures. The durable plastic box design with hinged lid is safe and convenient for both shipping and storage.

Ergonomically designed ridged caps allow for easy opening and are available in six colors.

Cap inserts (sold separately) are available in 11 different colors. Numbered compartments and write-on labels provide for accurate specimen identification.

CryoSavers™ unique vial design allows it to latch onto a workstation for one-handed operation. A range of ready-to-use media with cryopreservatives are available.

Beads are included to inoculate plates with reduced chance of contamination.


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Posted on February 3, 2006