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Soleris™ 128 Ensures Product Quality for Integrity Nutraceuticals Int.

In a move to expand its in-house microbiology testing capabilities, Integrity Nutraceuticals International, a raw materials supplier of bulk nutraceuticals, has acquired the Soleris™ 128 rapid optical system. Manufactured by Centrus International, Inc., the Soleris 128 will allow Integrity's microbiology lab to rapidly and accurately test all incoming ingredients and raw materials for early contamination of microorganisms. This addition to Integrity's lab will ensure the dependability of its nutrition and nutraceutical products, including amino acids, creatine, Cinnulin PF®, joint and health care items, specialty items and herbs. With the addition of the Soleris 128, Integrity will increase the overall production capacity and efficiency of their manufacturing operations, while ensuring product safety and quality.

Integrity's existing microbiology lab utilizes various testing technologies, including High Performance Liquid Chromotography (HPLC), Near Infrared Spectoscopy (NIR), and several other conventional and rapid micro testing technologies. Added to increase speed and accuracy, Centrus' Soleris 128 uses a combination of photo detection, ready-to-use assays and advanced Windows-based software to measure microbial growth by monitoring pH and other biochemical reactions that generate a color change as microorganisms in the vial broth grow and metabolize.

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Source : Centrus International, Inc. [USA]
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Posted on December 12, 2005