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BioSys Gains AOAC Approval

Biosys 32

BioSys have recently gained approval for the testing of coliforms in a range of dairy products.

The BioSys System is a computerized instrument designed to rapidly detect microbial contamination in industrial samples, food, beverage, water, cosmetic, and nutriceutical products.

Also capable of detecting the presence of various groups of organisms (e.g., coliform bacteria, yeasts and molds, lactic acid bacteria, E. coli, to name a few), the BioSys System is a rapid approach to microbiological safety. Other tests performed by the system are the detection of spoilage organisms, shelf-life assessment, microbial limits and preservative challenge tests.

The BioSys technology is based on monitoring changes in the chemical characteristics of microbial liquid growth medium in which the target microorganisms grow and are detected by optically sensitive reagents. The reagents change their spectral patterns as the metabolic process takes place. These changes are detected photometrically by an optical instrument and monitored at predetermined time intervals. The key to the technology is the monitoring of these changes in a semifluid zone, which is separated from the liquid medium, thereby eliminating the masking of the optical pathway by the product, or microbial turbidity. Changes in color, expressed as optical units, are sensed by the optical sensor and recorded in the computer. Sample volume of up-to 10 ml can be used. Various dyes, which are indicators of changes such as pH, redox, and enzymatic activity, can be utilized in the system.

BioSys detection method

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Source : BioSys, Inc. [USA]
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Posted on August 11, 2003