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Labguard® Quality Assurance System for Lab Equipment

Labguard Helping laboratories to meet the increasing demands of regulatory compliance, accreditation and certification, Don Whitley Scientific has launched the new Labguard® quality assurance system. Innovative and flexible, it allows multiple pieces of equipment to be monitored simultaneously, with all data automatically transmitted and recorded to ensure total traceability.

Fully automated, simple to configure and easy to operate, Labguard can be installed on an existing computer network. Multiple parameters including temperature, humidity, pressure and CO2 can be monitored and the numerical data from each sensor is wirelessly transmitted and automatically recorded to provide a detailed audit trail. This ensures compliance with rigorous international quality assurance standards, including GLP and FDA (21 CFR Part 11).

Modular software ensures maximum flexibility, allowing users to select the features that fully meet their needs, with options including, cycle monitoring, temperature mapping (for incubators or water baths), equipment location mapping, remote alarm communication and remote consultation. Routine maintenance and calibration reminders can also be programmed.

Labguard® is suitable for use in medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, food, industrial and research laboratories.

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Posted on December 5, 2005