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Don Whitley Strengthens Online Video Resources

Don Whitley Scientific has launched a comprehensive series of product videos, offering customers a quick and easy guide to the company's workstation range. Visitors to can now benefit from a visual representation of the unique design and key features.

The showcased instruments include the Whitley A35, A85, 500/1000 and DG250 Workstations and the H35 Hypoxystation. With detailed video guidance on how to operate many of the main features, clean and disassemble the instruments, customers have unrivalled access to Don Whitley Scientific's product information and technical support.

Further strengthening its online resources, Don Whitley Scientific continues to help its customers identify the workstation or equipment that is most suited to their unique research needs and laboratory environment. Each video highlights product functionality, such as the touch screen interface of some of the Whitley Workstations. This unique interface allows users to control and monitor all modified atmosphere environmental parameters, including oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, humidity, temperature and chamber pressure. Other illustrated features include the patented gloveless / sleeveless instant access portholes of the A35 Workstation. The 500/1000 and DG250 Workstations are equipped with the 'rapid-lock' porthole system that enables users to save time when just a few samples have to be transferred. The motorized gloveport systems combine ultimate performance with user comfort and reliability.

Dedicated to sharing its industry expertise and scientific knowledge, Don Whitley Scientific's new online video resources provide a one-stop reference guide. The product demonstrations complement existing customer support systems which include an extensive network of highly-skilled engineers, scientists and product specialists.

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Posted on September 24, 2010