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A85 - Maximum Flexibility to Suit your Anaerobic Workload

Don Whitley Scientific has unveiled the new Whitley A85 Anaerobic workstation to offer increased workload flexibility for microbiology and cell culture applications. The innovative A85 design features patented oval portholes operated by a wireless foot switch, providing the option of gloved or bare-handed work. Accommodating up to 20 plates, each of these mini-airlock portholes enables users to save time and gas when just a few samples have to be transferred.

The latest addition to Don Whitley Scientific's high performance anaerobic workstation range, the A85 facilitates fast and effective sample manipulation and equipment transfer within a secure anaerobic environment. The unique motorized gloveport system combines ultimate performance with user comfort and reliability. It also features a 30 litre airlock that accommodates up to 90 petri dishes. This ensures that only the minimum amount of oxygen is introduced into the chamber.

Created with research and clinical scientists in mind, the A85 offers optimised incubation capacity to suit small and large sample quantities. Both the working and storage areas of the chamber are temperature controlled with a uniform temperature gradient throughout. This allows the full internal chamber volume to be used for incubation, with a maximum capacity of up to 540 petri dishes. Every chamber is heat treated during manufacture to increase the durability of the fabricated structure and help ensure a long working life.

Don Whitley Scientific delivers maximum flexibility across the whole equipment portfolio, developing workstations that can accommodate individual needs. The A85 is available with a variety of accessories and factory-fitted options ranging from a refrigeration unit to gas-leak detector. Should electrical equipment be required inside the workstation, the A85 can be fitted with an interior electrical socket. Workstation installation, scheduled maintenance and worldwide technical support are provided through Don Whitley Scientific's extensive network of highly-skilled engineers.

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Posted on June 10, 2010

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